What people are saying about 31 Days

  Enduring change is a long journey of small steps.

Many start, far fewer finish. Whether a literal or metaphorical journey, having a guide and traveling companion will greatly enhance both your enjoyment of the trip and your chances of completing it.

In “31 Days: Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be”, Wayne Pratt shares the observations of a fellow traveler and experienced guide.

Sometimes wry, sometimes hilarious, always pithy and insightful, 31 Days is a thought-provoking and valuable reference for those on the daunting journey of meaningful and enduring change.

James Greengrass,
Principal, Fortifico Leadership Support Services

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Great read! Very uplifting.

David Quinn, Kingston, Ontario

A book I really enjoyed, filled with great thoughts and ideas,

 Sue MacDonald, Kingston, Ontario

A book filled with bite-size pieces of thought which I have read again and again.

Wil Cleland, Kingston, Ontario

A book filled with common sense in a world where there is very little common sense.

Bob Joyce, Nova Scotia

The best book I have read all year!

Gail McCullough (Wayne’s Mom)

I have found in reading your book that I have opened the door to what was inside. I find my definition of success is being happy! Thank You for your profound 31 pieces of wisdom!

Thanks Again,
Tom McGlade, Kingston. Ontario 

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