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I am so excited…

…to announce Version 2 of my book 31 Days- Getting from where you are to where you want to be.

This book comes from boiling down eight years of my blog posts into my best 31 articles. Or at least, my favorites.

The book was extremely satisfying to produce.

In it, I got to pour more of my soul on to the page. (I hope you like the illustrations) It felt like I was talking to the reader.

Now, in the relauch, I have included a month of reflection and journaling pages, to help you get where you want to be.

Any author is thrilled when there is enough interest for a second printing. I hope you will be too.




Own Your Goals

This is a hobby horse of mine. I think people are not owning their goals.

I have a friend who believes success is flying around in private jets. And because he can’t, he does nothing. 

I recommend setting small goals, achieve them, and then stack them, so that big goals don’t seem that surprising


Don’t hire a Broke Success Coach

There is a fair amount of information floating around about “Success Coaching”.

My Brother, who is a pastor, says the growth in interest is simply because some people who don’t go to church, still want a sermon.

I have some opinions/suggestions which may or may not fit you. 

1. Never hire a broke Success Coach.

2. Never hire someone you don’t like. (seems obvious, but some  coaches  think  they are drill Sargent s)

3. If they don’t hold you accountable you are merely renting a friend.


I have worked with Wayme for over a decade.

This book is one I treasure – It compiles some of his best ideas and thoughts.
I highly recommend it.


M.A. Bell

I really enjoyed this book.

It gave me some good food for thought, and inspired me to make some simple changes in both my life and my work that have really paid off.


MAry Colebourne

Blogger – Alpha Mare